All together now...

Dear friends,

I’m so excited to present this, the Unity Tikkun Leil Companion. After the warm and enthusiastic feedback we received from the Haggadah Companion, which brought inspiration to our Seders at a challenging time, and exemplified the unity and togetherness of our community, I invited the talented and dedicated rabbis and rebbetzins of our community to write a counterpart for Shavuot. This collaboration of our remarkable rabbinic leadership expresses so beautifully and powerfully the precious unity of our community. The outcome is a treasure  filled with inspirational Torah ideas to learn and share with each other, and to uplift and enrich your experience of the chag. 

I wish you all a Chag Sameach. May our homes be filled with the light and warmth of Torah. And may G-d bring health and healing to our community, to our country and to our world.
Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

Print it at home or explore it digitally here before Shavuot.


Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein | Rebbetzin Gina Goldstein | Rebbetzin Joan Bernhard | Rabbi Alex Carlebach | Rebbetzin Tziporah Carlebach | Rabbi Chanoch Galperin | Rebbetzin Wendy Hendler | Rabbi Danny Sackstein | Rabbi Yoel Smith | Rebbetzin Laia Uzvolk | Rabbi A Vigler | Rabbi Alon Friedman | Rabbi Ze’ev Gruzd | Rabbi Dr David Nossel | Rebbetzin Wendy Richard | Rebbetzin  Tamar Taback | Rabbi Hillel Bernstein | Rebbetzin Gina Bernstein | Rabbi Dani Brett | Rabbi Mendel Rabinowitz | Rebbetzin Goldie Simpson | Rabbi Sam Thurgood | Rabbi Ryan Goldstein | Rabbi Yosef Hazdan | Rabbi Shmuli Kagan | Rabbi Levi Medalie | Rabbi Yehuda Stern | Rebbetzin Estee Stern | Rabbi Azriel Uzvolk | Rabbi Yechezkel Auerbach | Rabbi Kalman Green | Rabbi Motti Hadar | Rabbi Gedalia Kauffman | Rabbi Ari Kievman | Rabbi Aharon Zulberg | Rabbi Dovid Baddiel | Rebbetzin Joan Bernhard from the writings of her late husband, Rabbi NM Bernhard, ztl | Rabbi Avigdor Blumenau | Rabbi Akiva Gilbert | Rabbi Yossy Goldman | Rebbetzin Lee-at Goldstein | Rabbi Mendel Popack | Rabbi Mordechai Rodal | Rabbi Baruch Rubanowitz | Rabbi Levy Weinberg | Rabbi Gavriel Abramson | Rabbi Daniel Beider | Rebbetzin Temmi Hadar | Rabbi Dovid Hazdan | Rabbi Moishe Schnerb | Rabbi David Shaw | Rabbi Levi Avtzon | Rabbi Paysach Burke | Rabbi Dovi Goldstein | Rabbi Daniel Kaplan | Rabbi Matthew Liebenberg | Rebbetzin Hadassah Auerbach | Rebbetzin Dr Dvori Blumenau | Rebbetzin Nicole Green | Rabbi Rodney Richard | Rebbetzin Debby Rubanowitz | Rebbetzin Aviva Thurgood | Rabbi Reuven Zail | Rabbi Jonathan Fox |