Isha Bekia

Isha Bekia is an advanced, text-based Torah learning programme for women. The vision: to provide women with an opportunity to develop their Torah textual learning skills, become independent in their learning and acquire a proficient knowledge of classic texts.

The name “Isha Bekia” refers to a woman of Torah knowledge and expertise. And that is the objective of the programme – to provide opportunities for the women of our community to enrich their Torah learning and develop both practical knowledge and the skills to explore classic Jewish texts in-depth, at a high level.

The basic format of this programme is guided self-learning done on one’s own or in chavrusa, in preparation for a weekly shiur. The shiur provides extra insight, broader context and vital tools of analysis. But the self-learning is the foundation. The programme is open to women of all ages who want the challenge of growing in their learning by directly engaging with the original texts.

The syllabus encompasses a full spectrum of Jewish learning, including Ramban on Chumash, Nach and Halacha.

“Torah learning is the life force of a Jewish community, the Jewish family and, indeed, every Jew. This programme is both a communal imperative and an opportunity for self-growth. Ultimately, by empowering women to reach great heights in Torah learning, this programme will enable participants to flourish as teachers, leaders and learned mothers and wives, and be a source of inspiration and illumination to all.”

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