Isha Bekia is a curriculum-structured, text-based, self-learning programme for women who want to grow and develop their Torah learning skills under the guidance of expert teachers, and the educational direction of Chief Rabbi Goldstein.


The name “Isha Bekia” refers to a woman of knowledge and expertise (the Birkei Yosef references it in the context of the level women are required to attain by learning Torah). And that is the vision of the programme – to provide women with an opportunity to develop their Torah textual learning skills, and acquire a proficient knowledge of classic texts.

Torah learning is the life force of community, family and every Jew. This programme is both a communal imperative and an opportunity for personal self-growth. The vision of Isha Bekia is to empower participants to reach great heights in their Torah learning, and thereby to flourish as teachers, leaders and learned mothers and wives, and be a source of inspiration and illumination to us all.



With Morah Rachel Waks

Key Rambans on the Chumash relating to important principles of textual analysis or his philosophy. The Ramban’s commentary is a major repository of the foundational principles of Torah philosophy and of vital principles to analyse the text of the Chumash.


With Rebbetzin Efrat Schochet

Divrei Hayamim with fundamental commentaries. These famous commentaries provide crucial insights into the vocabulary and meaning of the Tanach.


With Chief Rabbi Goldstein

Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim with Mechaber and Ramo as the main text. Will include sections of Mishnah Berurah, Biur Halacha and Aruch Hashulchan, and teshuvos. The focus is on attaining a firm grasp of halachic methodology as well as the practical knowledge of how to live as a Jew. Every term includes specific modules on each subject. Students can join for one term.


TERM 2 2024: 12 MAY – 30 JUNE

Classes will be held every Sunday morning at Sunny Road Shul (48 Sunny Road, Glenhazel) with its comfortable Beis Midrash for learning and its beautiful gardens for the break:


9am – 9:50am


10:00am – 10:50am


11:00am – 11:50pm


You can register for one, two or three of the courses offered in the curriculum. The basic format of this programme is guided self-learning done on one’s own or in chavrusa, in preparation for a weekly shiur per subject at a shared venue where all students gather. The three shiurim take place back to back every Sunday morning from 9am -12pm.

The shiur provides extra insight, broader context and vital tools of analysis to guide and supplement the self-learning done during the week. The programme is open to women of all ages who want the challenge of growing in their learning by directly engaging with the original texts.


Women of all ages are welcome to register. The only requirement is the commitment to work with the original Hebrew texts. Registration is per term. Students can register for one, two or three of the above subjects.

Fees per term are R500 which gives you access to the weekly shiurim and recordings for one, two or three courses, as well as teachers for any questions.

Scholarships are available on request in the application form.