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Generation Sinai is an annual global event for parents and children to experience the magic of learning Torah together.

It happens on one morning, just before Shavuot, in schools across the world. First introduced in South Africa by Chief Rabbi Goldstein it has become a hugely popular annual event, which both kids and parents look forward to each year. It now runs in schools around the world, including in the US, UK, Russia, Australia, Germany and Israel.

9000 school learners.

15 000 parents. 

40 schools.

South Africa







This was just great fun for everybody. At Herzlia Constantia, they literally had to stop the programme because parents and kids were having so much fun. Sometimes it’s a box-ticking exercise. This year, parents seemed to lose track of time....they had a positive, authentic, engaging Jewish learning experience with their kids.

Rabbi Sean Cannon
United Herzlia Schools


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