Generation Sinai

Generation Sinai is an annual global event for parents and children to experience the magic of learning Torah together.

It takes place during one morning, just before Shavuot, in schools throughout the world. It is about creating an inspiring experience for parents and children to bond over our Jewish values and heritage.

Generation Sinai was first introduced in South Africa in 2011, and it has become a hugely popular annual event, which both kids and parents look forward to each year. It now runs in schools around the world, including in the United States, UK, Russia, Australia, Germany and Israel.

Each year, the material is created specifically to facilitate a fun, meaningful and engaging experience between parents and children. To see previous modules, visit the project website and to see pictures of past events, have a look at our Facebook page


School Learners


Generation Sinai is a living, breathing initiative. It doesn’t only happen on the day, it’s something that can be hauled off the shelf at any time, and reverberates throughout the year. The energy on the day itself is incredible – the buzz in the classrooms and halls, the learning taking place across generations. And beyond this, the knowledge and practices that are taken home and continued.

– Hazel Lerman, Liberty