Who are we? What kind of people are we? These questions are answered in times like these. Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik says
that there are two distinct types of people: “a person of fate” and
a person of destiny”. The person of fate sees themselves as
a hostage to events – buffeted by circumstances; helpless, vulnerable and disempowered; besieged by thoughts such as “what did I do to deserve this?” The person of destiny,
by contrast, feels
empowered by events. Where the Person of Fate asks “why”, The person of destiny, asks, “what do I do now?”. What have I learnt from this? What can I do to grow?

Lessons from Lockdown


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I don't need nearly as much stuff as I thought I did.

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The one stress-buster that beats them all: Being kind to others and helping those in need.
-  Robyn Smookler

What kind of people are we?

What do I do now?


I realised the emotional high and sense of connection we get from being in the physical presence of others

What can I do to grow?


I realised the phone was not the problem.


Kids these days are alright.

How can I empower myself to become a better person?

A shared trauma is handled very differently to a personal one.

What have learnt from the Shabboses and Yom Tovim spent alone or with just our immediate family?