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Create Yourself
Isha Bekia

No substitute for a Jewish education

Chief Rabbi Goldstein - Generation Sinai address at Herzlia Weizmann - 23 May 2023 Our strength as a community is, in large part, due to the mass enrollment of our children in Jewish day schools. Without Jewish education, there’s simply no Jewish future....

Episode 13 – Create Yourself: How do you feel more rooted?

How do you feel more rooted? 🌲 - Create Yourself Episode 13 Shabbat helps you return to your true self - to who you are at the root. Join Chief Rabbi Goldstein on a weekly journey of personal discovery. Find meaning and purpose, joy and connection. Learn how to create...

Taking Tisha B’Av personally

Tisha B’Av is a pivotal day in the grand sweep of Jewish history, but its message is also deeply relevant to our lives today. Here’s how:  

Episode 12 – Create Yourself: The Secret to Personal Growth

Episode 12 - Create Yourself: Journey of Personal Growth: Unleashing Potential with Shabbat's Extra Soul In this inspiring episode, we explore the concept of the 'extra soul' bestowed upon us every #shabbat and how it serves as the catalyst for personal #growth and...

Episode 10 – Create Yourself: How do we overcome selfishness?

How do you overcome selfishness? 🤗 👥 - Create Yourself Episode 10 Did you know that Shabbat can help you overcome self-centredness? In fact, it can help you move beyond the self altogether. Join Chief Rabbi Goldstein on a weekly journey of personal discovery. Find...