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Isha Bekia

It fills our hearts and souls

Torah is not an academic subject - it’s something we live with, every day. It doesn't just occupy our minds, it fills our hearts and souls. It’s not just something we think about, it’s something we manifest. It’s who we are. The recent Avot artwork...

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What death can teach us about life

Chief Rabbi Goldstein – Zayin Adar Address at The Base – 28 February 2023 Paying tribute to the Chevrah Kadisha’s burial heroes: reflecting on the life lessons we can learn from their holy work – and how to refocus our...

What makes Torah wisdom unique?

  What distinguishes Torah wisdom from other systems of thought? And how do the blessings before learning Torah define and accent this uniqueness, framing our experience of this key mitzvah?

What is prayer meant to be?

  Roots Batmitzvah Siddur ceremony address Exploring the concept of prayer as a direct encounter with God – our unique privilege of having an audience with the Creator of the universe, and how the gift of the Siddur...