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Isha Bekia

What death can teach us about life

Chief Rabbi Goldstein – Zayin Adar Address at The Base – 28 February 2023 Paying tribute to the Chevrah Kadisha’s burial heroes: reflecting on the life lessons we can learn from their holy work – and how to refocus our...

Our community needs a growth mindset

Chief Rabbi Goldstein – Pine Street shul new rabbinical couple inauguration - 21 August 2022 Cultivating an optimistic, growth-oriented mindset in our community is vital in order to seize our opportunities to flourish....

From jealousy to happiness

Chief Rabbi Goldstein – leadership programme address at Hirsch Lyons Girls High School – 22 July 2022 Understanding jealousy – how to overcome it and be generous-spirited, and how, through doing so, we can find real...

A vibrant future for our shuls

    The heroics of South Africa’s shuls during Covid, and ideas for how we can all work together ensure a vibrant future for our shuls.

What makes Torah wisdom unique?

  What distinguishes Torah wisdom from other systems of thought? And how do the blessings before learning Torah define and accent this uniqueness, framing our experience of this key mitzvah?

Confronting our mortality

At a talk on end-of-life issues, hosted by the Chev and featuring world-leading oncologist, Professor Ben Corn, I spoke about how coming to terms with death informs the way we live, and about the invaluable guidance our...

A holistic perspective on mental health Chief Rabbi Goldstein – The interconnectedness of body, mind and soul – Ohr Somayach – 23 June 2022 To kick off a week of mental health talks and workshops led by global expert Rabbi Yoni Hamilton and hosted by Ohr Somayach,...