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Isha Bekia

Spirit of Israel

Watch: I am so moved… The spirited soldiers of Israel are an inspiration. Shabbat Shalom!  

It fills our hearts and souls

Torah is not an academic subject - it’s something we live with, every day. It doesn't just occupy our minds, it fills our hearts and souls. It’s not just something we think about, it’s something we manifest. It’s who we are. The recent Avot artwork competition hosted...

The most beautiful thing in the world

Beauty lies not only in the things we can see and touch and point to. The most beautiful thing in the world is the bond between parents and children. And that bond is the secret to Jewish continuity, enabling the transmission and preservation of our sacred heritage...

No substitute for a Jewish education

Chief Rabbi Goldstein - Generation Sinai address at Herzlia Weizmann - 23 May 2023 Our strength as a community is, in large part, due to the mass enrollment of our children in Jewish day schools. Without Jewish education, there’s simply no Jewish future....

Lag BaOmer – World of Respect

In a world in which differences of opinion are leading to the breakdown of the basic bonds of society, Lag BaOmer has a vital lesson for us. Chief Rabbi Goldstein You can view the talk I gave at last night’s Lag BaOmer event at Great Park Shul here:...

Yom Hazikaron: Call evil by its name

For the sake of peace, all civilised people must recognise evil and condemn it unconditionally. That was the takeaway from a conversation with Rabbi Leo Dee on my recent visit to his family shiva house in Efrat last week – and it was the message of my Yom Hazikaron...

Pesach past and future

Jewish identity is shaped around the remembrance of our past and our vision for the future. I explored this idea at Linksfield shul on Erev Pesach. May the final days of Yom Tov this Pesach, bring comfort and strength to Am Yisrael during these times. Chief...

Fun as a spiritual value

At the launch of an inspiring, new youth movement for girls – Achot, I spoke about joy as the heart and soul of Judaism, and fun as a spiritual value.