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Isha Bekia

Compassionate leadership, the Eskom crisis and Shavuot

Leadership requires resolve, courage and boldness – but also, as we see from the Book of Ruth, compassion. In my pre-Shavuot address at Garden’s shul, I discuss the failings of the South African government in this area, particularly in view of the power crisis, as...

Lag BaOmer – World of Respect

In a world in which differences of opinion are leading to the breakdown of the basic bonds of society, Lag BaOmer has a vital lesson for us. Chief Rabbi Goldstein You can view the talk I gave at last night’s Lag BaOmer event at Great Park Shul here:...

Pesach past and future

Jewish identity is shaped around the remembrance of our past and our vision for the future. I explored this idea at Linksfield shul on Erev Pesach. May the final days of Yom Tov this Pesach, bring comfort and strength to Am Yisrael during these times. Chief...

Feel free – with your burdens: Pesach insights

We all carry different burdens. And yet, we can feel emotionally and spiritually free at the same time. Pesach shows us how. You can view my talk on this subject here:  

How to thrive in chaos

Here is a recording of a talk Chief Rabbi Goldstein gave at Sydenham Shul, on how Purim gives us the tools we need to thrive in a chaotic world.

Tears can open our hearts

Tisha b’Av is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. It’s also an incredible opportunity – a day that can completely transform us. Acknowledging our vulnerability and the brokenness of our world can open our hearts. It can...

When will Mashiach come?

What the Book of Daniel tells us about the Final Redemption and what that means for us today. A talk by Chief Rabbi Goldstein delivered at Chabad of Illovo in Johannesburg, on erev Pesach 5782. We all want to know when...

What does a great Seder feel like?

    These ideas were addressed by Chief Rabbi Goldstein at Hirsch Lyons Boys’ High School in Johannesburg. The Seder is a rich emotional and spiritual journey, with dramatic transitions and a unique flow. Getting...

Pesach 5782 Address – Linksfield Shul, Johannesburg

  Are we really free? Often we feel constrained – stuck in unhelpful habits or unproductive modes of thinking, seemingly trapped by difficult circumstances. Pesach is our chance to free ourselves from these constraints,...