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Create Yourself
Isha Bekia

Spirit of Israel

Watch: I am so moved… The spirited soldiers of Israel are an inspiration. Shabbat Shalom!  

Episode 18 – Create Yourself: Rediscovering Our Essence

Episode 18 - Create Yourself: Rediscovering Our Essence What role do our perspectives play in shaping our character, influencing our actions, thoughts, and feelings? How can we retrieve the fundamental truths of existence that are deeply embedded within us, yet often...

Episode 17 – Create Yourself: What are your foundational truths?

They shape the way you live. They determine your goals and your values. They give your life meaning and purpose. We need to know them, affirm them - and share them. Episode 17 - Create Yourself: Shabbat: Bearing Witness to Our Foundational Truths Join Chief Rabbi...

Episode 16 – Create Yourself: Shabbat is a day of Spiritual Memory

Shabbat is a day of #spiritual memory. It is a day we remember who we are, where we come from and what our purpose is. Episode 16 - Create Yourself: Rediscovering Our Essence: How Shabbat Helps Us Remember Who We Are Join Chief Rabbi Goldstein on a weekly journey of...

Episode 15 – Create Yourself: Can we transcend our limitations?

You have a God-given power to rise above your limitations. To transcend the self altogether. To become, in a word, transcendent. Episode 15 - Create Yourself: Self-Mastery: How Shabbat Empowers Us to Transcend Our Limitations What does it mean to achieve self-mastery...

Episode 14 – Create Yourself: What motivates you?

What motivates you? Are you driven by self-interest or higher ideals? Or is it more complex than that? Episode 14 - Create Yourself: Living for Ideals: How Shabbat Inspires Us to Rise Above Self-Interest Join Chief Rabbi Goldstein on a weekly journey of personal...

It fills our hearts and souls

Torah is not an academic subject - it’s something we live with, every day. It doesn't just occupy our minds, it fills our hearts and souls. It’s not just something we think about, it’s something we manifest. It’s who we are. The recent Avot artwork competition hosted...

The most beautiful thing in the world

Beauty lies not only in the things we can see and touch and point to. The most beautiful thing in the world is the bond between parents and children. And that bond is the secret to Jewish continuity, enabling the transmission and preservation of our sacred heritage...