A Day to Create Yourself.

A Day to Create Yourself delves into some of the deepest secrets of Shabbat – and tells the story of Shabbat in a way that has never been told before.
If Shabbat isn’t just a day of rest, what is it?
This book is a fresh new look at a beloved, yet misunderstood, dimension of Jewish life. Discover how Shabbat offers compelling answers to the great challenges of our times. But also, how it gives us something more – the Divine gift of self-creation and a recipe for happiness. Ultimately, Shabbat reminds us that our most important accomplishments in life cannot be touched or measured or priced – that our greatest work of creation is ourselves.


The Legacy: Teachings for Life from the Great Lithuanian Rabbis, with Rabbi Berel Wein

Exploring the wisdom of the great sages of Lithuania, The Legacy presents a moral and spiritual vision for the Jewish people. Providing a glimpse into the world of these sages, their own teachers’ rabbis, the authors outline the ideas and deeds, the values and ethics by which Jews should live. This is not a book about what once was: It is a book about what should, and can, be now and forever in Jewish life.

African Soul Talk: When Politics is Not Enough

These upbeat discussions between Dumani Mandela and Rabbi Warren Goldstein cover politics, culture, religion, and nation building in South Africa.

Defending The Human Spirit: Jewish Law’s Vision for a Moral Society

For over three thousand years, Jewish law has been defending the human spirit from abuse by the powerful. This book’s wide-ranging approach looks at Jewish law’s proud record on a number of major human rights issues, from political tyranny to oppression of women to crime and poverty, demonstrating unique Torah insights for Western law and the modern world.

Mishpat Tzedek

The Chief Rabbi co-authored Mishpat Tzedek with Rabbi Moshe Goldfein. The book examines Torah competition laws and other aspects of monetary law in halacha. Exploring the detailed sources of the Gemara and the commentaries relating to that, all the way through to the various codes and responsa, this is a summary of all the primary sources and extracting practical principles of application.