Beit Midrash

Beit Midrash opens up the world of text-based Torah learning to high school students at King David and Herzlia.

The goal of Beit Midrash is to inspire and empower students to make regular Torah learning an important part of their lives. A simple concept with outstanding results, the Beit Midrash programme began at King David Linksfield High School. During Jewish Studies classes, the grade 10s and 11s now have the choice to attend regular Jewish Studies or join the Beit Midrash stream. The Beit Midrash stream gives the students the opportunity to learn as one would in a yeshiva environment, but aimed at a level appropriate for them.

The students are given a choice to study either Gemara or in-depth Chumash, where they are given a taste of authentic Jewish learning as Jews have for thousands of years.

The children study in a chavruta style, preparing the texts and attending shiurim on the subject.

The aim is to empower the students with learning skills and a true love and appreciation for what the Torah is all about. Rabbi Ryan Goldstein and Chief Rabbi Goldstein have developed the curriculum and structure of the classes, packaging it in a way that makes it as fun and attractive to the students as possible – with huge success.

Another highly productive dimension of the project is an evening, once a year, where the parents of the students come in to learn with their children, and the children are given an opportunity to show and teach their parents what they have been learning.