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Isha Bekia

Chief Rabbi dismantles South Africa President Ramaphosa genocide libel against Israel

Dec 4, 2023 | Default, Israel, Videos


Chief Rabbi Goldstein exposes the defamatory lies of the SA President in referring Israel to the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide. This libel threatens the Jewish State, and Jews around the world. Discover the strict legal and ethical standards upheld by the Israel Defense Forces, debunking allegations of war crimes and genocide. Learn how these false accusations against Israel serve to dehumanize and stigmatize Jews, leading to a surge in anti-Semitism on a global scale, and how, when Israel is demonized, Jews around the world become targets for discrimination and persecution.

The Chief also confronts critics of Israel such as Barack Obama and Emmanuel Macron who more subtly undermine the Jewish State’s right to self-defense. He explains how, by equating Israel’s actions with those of its adversaries they pose a direct threat to Israel’s survival and the principles of freedom and democracy, and indeed jeopardize the foundations of a world built on law and human rights. Rabbi Goldstein challenges misconceptions, delves into historical context, and calls for a fair examination of Israel’s right to self-defense. Don’t miss this compelling perspective on some of the most contentious issues surrounding Israel’s war for survival. Share, discuss, and stand for truth.