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Isha Bekia

At this time of harrowing danger, let us harness the spiritual power of lighting Shabbat candles to pray for Israel. For generations, Jewish women have prayed for their children and families at candle-lighting.

This Friday afternoon, 18 minutes before sunset, after we light our Shabbat candles, let us pray for the families and children, and for the brave soldiers of the State of Israel. At a time when many of us are lost for words we offer you our personal prayer, to recite after you light your Shabbat candles this week.

This is a spiritual war against those who seek to destroy Israel, not because of its borders, but because of what it stands for as the world’s only Jewish state. Our response must be to reaffirm our eternal Jewish values through Shabbat.

“The Jewish people are redeemed in the merit of righteous women,” say our sages. In the merit of our prayers and the mitzvah of candle-lighting, may G-d bring security and safety to Israel and comfort to her people.

Chief Rabbi Warren and Gina Goldstein

Founders of the Shabbat Project


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