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Create Yourself
Isha Bekia

Episode 15 – Create Yourself: Can we transcend our limitations?

Aug 23, 2023 | Create Yourself, Default, Shabbat, Videos, YouTube Series


You have a God-given power to rise above your limitations. To transcend the self altogether. To become, in a word, transcendent.

Episode 15 – Create Yourself: Self-Mastery: How Shabbat Empowers Us to Transcend Our Limitations What does it mean to achieve self-mastery and rise above our limitations?

How can we cultivate good character and walk the path to personal greatness? In this thought-provoking video, we delve into the concept of Shabbat as a tool for self-mastery and transcendence.

Join Chief Rabbi Goldstein on a weekly journey of personal discovery. Find meaning and purpose, joy and connection. Learn how to create yourself through Shabbat. And *uncover a Divine formula for happiness in an increasingly complex world.* Each bite-sized episode is around two minutes, with a new one released each week.