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Create Yourself
Isha Bekia

Create Yourself: YouTube Series Introduction

Apr 30, 2023 | Create Yourself, Shabbat, Videos, YouTube Series


Create Yourself: YouTube Series.

Join me on a weekly journey of personal discovery. Find meaning and purpose. Joy and connection. Learn how to create yourself through Shabbat. Uncover a Divine formula for happiness in an increasingly complex world.  

I am honoured to let you know about my new book: Shabbat. A Day to Create Yourself. Building character, shaping perspective and finding happiness through Shabbat.

Published as a not-for-profit initiative, all book proceeds will go towards the Shabbat Project. Writing this book has been an eye-opening personal journey for me. I am looking forward to sharing with you the secrets I have discovered along the way. In this journey of writing the book, I delved into our sources and found myself looking at Shabbat with new eyes, and that has been transformative for me and my family. In this book, you will learn how Shabbat isn’t just a day of rest but A Day to Create Yourself. You will discover how Shabbat can unleash personal and societal renewal and how it offers us a recipe for happiness in an increasingly complex world.

Shabbat gives us the tools to create the best version of ourselves and our world, reminding us that our most important accomplishments in life cannot be touched, measured, or priced. Building character, shaping perspectives and finding happiness, Shabbat gives us the Divine gift of self-creation. This gift is not in the sky. It’s right here.