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Isha Bekia

Tribute to Hatzolah

Jul 25, 2021 | COVID-19, SA Community, SA Media


Weathering the COVID-19 pandemic without Hatzolah’s care, dedication and professionalism is unthinkable. Hatzolah has been there with our community every step of the way.

My family and I experienced this for ourselves when we contracted the coronavirus during the second wave, and were among the beneficiaries of the incredible work they have done and continue to do daily for the many patients in their care. They called us twice a day, monitored our health stats and checked our vitals, liaised with doctors and the labs – and were an enormous source of support, assistance and reassurance.

It is not only their practical assistance that’s invaluable, but also the peace of mind they provide. Knowing that there are loving professionals on the other end of the line – equipped to handle all questions, carefully monitor the progress of the disease and ensure the right interventions are carried out if necessary – lifts a tremendous weight of responsibility and a mental load from those who have become infected.

As a community, we are eternally grateful to you. Not only for all the years of being the first responders to all medical emergencies, but especially now – during the COVID-19 pandemic – when you have come to the fore as partners of Hashem.

The Talmud identifies the verse: “And you shall surely heal” as the mandate for doctors to heal. Through this Divine mandate, healthcare professionals become G-d’s partners. Hashem is the ultimate source of healing, as is evident from the verse: “I Hashem am your healer.” But He works through doctors and other healthcare workers, and the medicines and treatments they provide. With G-d’s blessing, heroic healthcare workers perform His holy work in this world. In this profound sense, Hatzolah is indeed Hashem’s partner, bringing healing and health to our community.

As we approach Rosh Hashanah, we ask Hashem to bless the brave and dedicated Hatzolah team – its board, responders, dispatchers and wellness advisors – with a year of blessing and health. And in the merit of their mitzvahs, may Hashem bless our community, our country and our world with health and healing in the year ahead.

With blessings,

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein