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Torah Perspectives for the World of Politics and Society

The Right of Responsibility

Transforming the language of human rights into one of compassion through the Bill of Responsibilities.

04 March 2008


Torah offers wisdom in tough times

The ancient insight of the torah provides guidance and inspiration through life’s difficulties.

15 February 2008


Jews and Muslims’ Faith, Community and Country

An extract of a speech delivered at the Chief Rabbi’s Enriching Tomorrow Forum which was also addressed by the then Premier, Ebrahim Rasool, on the topic of ‘Jews and Muslims’ Faith, Community and Country’.

20 December 2007


The Bill of Responsibility can restore society

The ground-breaking Bill of Responsibilities is shifting South Africa from poverty and crime to compassion and transformation.

20 November 2007


What if the World is Wrong?

The Chief Rabbi sets out a comprehensive defence of the justice of the cause of the State of Israel.

13 June 2007


The Torah’s prespective on HIV/AIDS

The Chief Rabbi joins the fight against AIDS by stepping-up to get tested.

04 June 2007


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