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Generation Sinai : The Power Of Torah Learning (Edited Transcript)

Torah learning has the power to transform our lives for the good, and it is at the heart of the inspiration of Generation Sinai

09 May 2013


Generation Sinai 2013 (Edited Transcript)

Next Friday, please G-d, parents and children around the world will come together to learn about the Shema, our timeless proclamation of faith in G-d and commitment to our destiny.

02 May 2013


Prayer Part IV : The Power Of A Whisper (Edited Transcript)

Prayer is a unique opportunity to connect personally with G-d

25 April 2013


Prayer Part III : Changing Ourselves, Changing The World (Edited Transcript)

Prayer is a transformative process which has the power to change heavenly decrees.

18 April 2013


Prayer Part II : Faith And Crisis (Edited Transcript)

Thie part of our series discusses the obligation of prayer and how prayer addresses our concerns about life.

11 April 2013


Mitzvah Series : Prayer Part I : The Sources Of Prayer (Edited Transcript)

This is a new series about the mitzvah of prayer and how it impacts our lives. This week we discuss the basic conceptual and historical framework of tefilla.

04 April 2013


Open Letter to President Barack Obama

“Sinai Today” regular column by the Chief Rabbi in “The Jerusalem Post”

24 March 2013


Compendium Of Pesach Articles

The Chief Rabbi’s Pesach articles published in “The Star”, “Jewish Tradition”, “Jewish Report” and transcripts of Podcasts

22 March 2013


Shabbos Part XX : Time And Space (Edited Transcript)

Shabbat unleashes the holiness of the most fundamental dimensions of the physical world.

07 March 2013


A Matter Of Direction

“Sinai Today” regular column by the Chief Rabbi in “The Jerusalem Post”

01 March 2013


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