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The Ultimate Wisdom (Edited Transcript)

This week’s parsha teaches us that if we accept the Torah as the ultimate Divine wisdom then even the nations of the world will appreciate it.

18 August 2016


Jewish Purpose To Live

“Sinai Today” regular column by the Chief Rabbi in the “Jerusalem Post”.

11 August 2016


“Did You Long For The Redemption?” (Edited Transcript)

Tisha b’Av, which begins on motzei Shabbos, is a time to mourn for what we have lost and to understand what we are hoping for.

11 August 2016


Your Superhuman Strength (Edited Transcript)

Through enhancing your inner-strength, the Torah teaches that not only are we able to live inspired and motivated lives, but are able to give others strength.

04 August 2016


The Leader In You (Edited Transcript)

In life we play the roles of being both leaders and followers. Through Moshe’s example, the Torah teaches us what true leadership is all about.

28 July 2016


The Art Of Balancing Heart And Mind (Edited Transcript)

Judaism enables us to become great human beings in all dimensions, whether intellectual or emotional, physical or spiritual.

21 July 2016


When Peace Isn’t Possible (Edited Transcript)

The pursuit of peace is always the best choice. However; what do we do when the peaceful route is no longer an option?

14 July 2016


Changing Gears (Edited Transcript)

A Torah perspective on how to deal with life situations that don’t turn out the way we plan.

06 July 2016


To Err Is Human (Edited Transcript)

The freedom G-d gave us to make mistakes can help us to grow.

30 June 2016


Carry On (Edited Transcript)

How to live life on a holy mission.

17 June 2016


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