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The Crown Of A Good Name (Edited Transcript)

From this week’s parsha we learn that the concept of a good name is not just about having a good reputation but serves as a blueprint for action and a philosophy of life.

23 March 2017


Test Of Faith (Edited Transcript)

This week’s parsha guides us as to how to face the many challenges we encounter in life and come through them with a strong faith.

16 March 2017


Purim : The Battle Between Good And Evil (Edited Transcript)

In preparation for Purim, we read about what Amalek did to the Jewish people on their way out of Egypt, and remember that the battle between good and evil continues till today.

08 March 2017


The Foundation Of A Civilised Society (Edited Transcript)

The Table in the Tabernacle symbolises how material prosperity must be ethically obtained. It also symbolises how we must balance between individual rights and communal responsibility.

02 March 2017


Pursuing Peace In A Chaotic World (Edited Transcript)

The Torah’s intricate laws of damages teach us the importance of taking responsibility for our actions, and create the framework for a peaceful society and positive interaction between people.

23 February 2017


Small Things And Big Events (Edited Transcript)

Our personal mission in this world is what makes history

16 February 2017


Guide To Holistic Living (Edited transcript)

The Torah is our manufacturer’s guide for life and encompasses all facets of human existence, the physical, emotional and spiritual.

09 February 2017


Transcending The Limitations Of Time (Edited Transcript)

The first mitzvah we received while still in Egypt was to sanctify the new moon, teaching us that the ultimate freedom is gaining mastery over time.

02 February 2017


Shabbos : Renewal Of The World (Edited Transcript)

This week instead of the parsha, we will discuss some ideas about Shabbos.

26 January 2017


Expansion Of Spirit (Edited Transcript)

In this week’s parsha, Shemot, we learn from Moshe’s life story important insights for how we expand our spirits to become greater people.

19 January 2017


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