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Chanukah Part I (Edited Transcript)

The upcoming festival of Chanukah is about clashing views of how to understand the nature of wisdom.

08 December 2017


A Home For G-d (Edited Transcript)

Jacob’s message is that by bringing G-d into our homes we are able to create a positive spiritual environment that enables us to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

30 November 2017


Leaping Over Obstacles (Edited Transcript)

This week’s portion teaches us that if we set our minds to achieve greatness, G-d can help us overcome any challenges in our way.

23 November 2017


Life And Death (Edited Transcript)

This week’s portion gives us perspectives on death and on how to live a fulfilled, satisfied life.

16 November 2017


Laughter And Jewish Destiny (Edited Transcript)

Understanding the secret of the name “Yitzchak” is the key to our future.

09 November 2017


“Like The Sand On the Seashore” (Edited Transcript)

G-d’s blessings to Abraham teach us about the Jewish people’s contribution to the world, as well as our eternity.

02 November 2017


Courage and Conviction (Edited Transcript)

Avraham’s courage and conviction of his belief in one G-d teaches us how to live with boldness.

26 October 2017


The Source Of All Blessing

“Sinai Today” – regular column by the Chief Rabbi in the “Jerusalem Post”

19 October 2017


G-d’s Covenant of Hope (Edited Transcript)

The rainbow is an important symbol as it represents G-d’s covenant and hope for the future of humanity.

19 October 2017


We Need A New Model Of Leadership To Change The Jewish World : Leadership Part 4

“Sinai Today” regular column by the Chief Rabbi in the “Jerusalem Post”.

10 October 2017


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