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Bringing Clouds Down to Earth (Edited Transcript)

The secret of the Sukkah is the miracle of the clouds of glory.

04 October 2017


Yom Kippur Opportunities : Be Real (Edited Transcript)

This year Yom Kippur is on Shabbos and there is an important connection between the two.

28 September 2017


Compendium of Rosh HaShana Articles

The Chief Rabbi’s Rosh HaShana articles published in the Jewish Report, Cape Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Tradition, Yeshiva University Lamdan, Chai FM transcript to podcast, and message for shul magazines.

20 September 2017


The Central Idea Of Rosh HaShana (Edited Transcript)

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Rosh HaShana is almost upon us, and so this week instead of looking at the parsha, I would like to reflect on Rosh HaShana. Our Sages teach us that before every festival we need to prepare and get into the right frame of mind. We cannot just walk into shul on [...]

13 September 2017


Our Right To The Land Of Israel (Edited Transcript)

The Torah predicts an international delegitimisation campaign against the Jewish claim to Israel and teaches us how to respond.

07 September 2017


Forward Or Backwards (Edited Transcript)

This week’s parasha teaches us we are either in drive or reverse, but there is no neutral and we must therefore strive for growth lest we deteriorate.

31 August 2017


Encouraging Each Other (Edited Transcript)

This week’s portion, Shoftim, teaches us how to face the challenges of life

24 August 2017


Life Tests (Edited Transcript)

This week’s parsha teaches us how the daily tests faced are actually the secret to life.

17 August 2017


Torah, Old And New (Edited Transcript)

This week’s parsha teaches us that even though the Torah was created by G-d before the physical universe it has, due to its Divine origins, capacity to give us new ideas for life.

10 August 2017


Preparing For The Messiah (Edited Transcript)

This Shabbos, Shabbat Nachamu, begins the seven weeks of comfort, a time to think about how we can best prepare ourselves for the Final Redemption.

03 August 2017


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