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Always Receiving (Edited Transcript)

We don’t just remember our Jewish history. We relive it. We re-integrate the experiences, and make them part of our daily lives – tangible and relevant in every way.

17 May 2018


G-d’s Promise To Us (Edited Transcript)

By all the laws of history, the Jewish people should not exist… yet here we are, the same identifiable nation we’ve always been. What is the secret to our survival?

10 May 2018


Holding Onto Time (Edited Transcript)

Counting the omer can completely change our relationship with time. A seven-week journey of personal growth and character refinement, it offers us an escape hatch from a life of fleeting experiences into something transcendent and everlasting.

03 May 2018


To Life (Edited Transcript)

Exploring Judaism’s deep connection with life through three different interpretations of the Torah phrase, “and you shall live by them”

25 April 2018


Israel at 70 (Edited Transcript)

Satisfaction, gratitude and humility.

19 April 2018


Finding Inspiration Through Mitzvot (Edited Transcript)

This week’s parsha teaches us how to find inspiration within the framework of the mitzvot.

12 April 2018


The Greatest Seder (Edited Transcript)

The Seder in Bnei Brak that we read about every year at the beginning of the Haggadah provides us with a picture of what our own Seders could be, suffused with a freshness, a deep faith, and the sense that G-d is always with us.

29 March 2018


Pesach Part I : Our Day Of Dependence (Edited Transcript)

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Let’s journey back in time to the very first Pesach that the Jewish people celebrated in the land of Israel. We’ve just spent 40 years in the desert, and now, under the leadership of Yehoshua, we’ve crossed the Jordan River into the land of Israel. We’ve set up camp in a place called [...]

22 March 2018


What’s The Best Way To Serve G-d? (Edited Transcript)

This week’s parsha, through one word, teaches us the secrets of how to serve Hashem.

14 March 2018


Giving A Good Account (Edited Transcript)

There are a number of Torah laws put in place to prevent corruption, and, through his conduct in this week’s parsha, Moshe sets the example. But there are lessons here not just for those involved in public service, but for everyone of us in our personal lives.

08 March 2018


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